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Simple hacks to make your fragrance stay long

It only takes a mind fuming fragrance to relax your soul, to bewitch your mind and in fact make you go gaga with the fresh notes that tingle senses. But having designer perfumes is not enough unless you are oblivion about the various hacks that make it a long lasting fragrance. Yes, of course, fragrances you buy bet on lasting long but there are some great tips even you can play safe with for making it last like a dream.

Say hooked as we unveil the drama that it all takes:

Skin moisturising

Very important, the better you moisturise your skin the more your fragrance will stay for long. For oily skin people, it is a blessing in disguise as the fragrance automatically gets soaked in considering your skin nature but if you are on the dry skin side, consider looking for perfumes in lotion form for major staying power. One can also try applying an unscented lotion on the damp skin and further spraying in that dream fragrance.

The right applications

If you know the science how perfume plays its magic, you are pretty much sorted. It is the heat so dissipated from our body that helps in activating the perfume. Most of us, in the zest of getting ready, often apply perfume unevenly and hence how can you claim for its staying power?

For the better, the application should be on the pulse points due to the warmth of the blood that triggers the fragrance of your dream. If you are wondering where the pulse points are, don’t worry folks we have your back.

The pulse points are:

  • Behind your ears
  • At the bottom of your throat
  • On your wrist
  • Inside your elbow
  • Behind your knee

Rubbing your perfume does nothing

Stop following the wrong practice that instead of doing good does all the damage. It has been found that people follow a misconception of applying the fragrance and then rub it as if this will help in warming the skin and spreading the scent. Unconsciously or consciously, stop doing it as it simply breaks the molecules and fades away the scent. You certainly don’t want that?

Storing done right

Believe it or not, the expensive French perfumes you buy for its immaculate magic can be a waste if you are not storing it right. Store your expensive perfumes in no direct contact with sunlight, heat and humidity. It reduces the fragrance of the perfume and breaks down the compounds. In fact, make sure you are keeping your fragrance nowhere near the area you bathe as the heat so generated after a shower can do its foul play of destroying the compounds of your fragrance

Wear your perfume before you dress up

Remember your perfume imparts its captivating notes only when it is in direct contact with the skin rather than clothes. On the worse side, your fragrance may also stain or blot your clothes and fabrics. So, for the better wear your perfume before you dress up for no harm and major benefits.

Wrapping it up, glue your head on the above hacks and indulge into some amazing magic that your perfume exhibits. Because a fragrance is for life!!